Dedicated app
with Fitness & health module

You will be notified periodically to choose from the four types of exercises: stress relief, productivity enhancement, energization, health promotion.

Fully adjustable height

Three default settings: sitting, standing and comfort mode.

Ergonomic footrest

Who said you can’t unwind while working? Put your feet up on the dedicated footrest and relax!

Integrated cable management

With built-in sockets and USB ports.

Security drawer

Controlled by an app, lock it remotely.

It’s time to ROCK

Hands-free Bluetooth sound system allows you to listen to your favourite tunes while on the job.


Do you want to relax a little while at work? Are you preparing for the most important presentation of your life? Choose the right scent for your mood.

Wireless charger

Why would you fall prey to a bunch of cables under your feet? Just put your phone on the desk and charge it wirelessly.

Under-desk PC holder

Width: 11.8 inch/300 mm
Height: 23.6 inch/600 mm
Depth: 20.4 inch/520 mm
Weight: 66 lbs/30 kg

Ambient LED lighting

Mood light, adjustable brightness, choose any color you want, find the one that suits your mood the best.

Air quality sensor

Avoid headaches, stay fresh and efficient! The desk alerts you when you need fresh air.

Sketch and wipe

Have your own blackboard at hand.

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