The desk needs to be plugged in using the power cord included in the package.

During everyday use, the desk does not need to be unplugged. However, in case of the desk not being used for several days, we recommend that you disconnect it for that period.

Due to its intended use, the desk itself is spill resistant. However, it is important to pay attention that electric plugs and moving parts do NOT come in contact with liquids. For detailed description, please see the Instructions Manual.

Smart One has a maximum load capacity of 280 lbs (127 kgs) Phantom1 has a maximum load capacity of 440 lbs (199 kgs)

The Smart One model weighs 154 lbs (69,8 kgs) The Phantom 1 model weighs 198 lbs (89,8 kgs)

The base material of both models is wood, the desk legs however, are made of a mix of aluminum and wood. The tabletops of both Phantom1 and Smart one can be ordered to be made of wood or tempered glass.

Intended use of the desk does not include a person standing or sitting on the desk while it’s in motion. Our company only provides warranty for malfunctions occurred during its intended use.

Yes, the desk is safe to be moved in such a manner.