A height-adjustable desk that takes care of your health and is easily controlled with a simple app. The desk informs you of the air quality in the room and tells you when it needs to be ventilated, it serves as a wireless charger and has built-in Bluetooth speakers.


AiT has developed a smartphone application not seen elsewhere on the market of height-adjustable desks. Bluetooth connection allows for the desks to be operated using the application that comes with additional functions such as the Health and fitness module – a collection of short exercise videos, one can easily incorporate into their workdays.

Feeling well

AiT is there to help the users feel their best even during work. The Fitness and health module provides the busy office workers with short workout sequences to refresh their body and mind, created especially to counteract the negative effects of sitting for long periods of time.

No more wires

Use the desk to power and charge all your electrical devices with the built-in cable management system and its outlets and USB ports, or simply place your phone on either side of the desktop to charge it wirelessly!