Privacy Policy


We attach great importance to the protection of your personal data, therefore we wish to provide you with information on the data processing activities carried out by AIT DESKS LLC 5237 Summerlin Commons BLVD, Suite 400, Fort Myers, 33907 Florida, U.S. as a controller, and the principles and rules we abide by during these activities.

Data processing is only carried out during the use of Ait Desks’ website (www.aitdesks. com) and our services with your prior notification and explicit consent. In addition, Ait Desks processes data based on legitimate interest or express statutory provisions for the fulfilment of the contract between you.

1. Security of your data, our data processing principles

Ait Desks shall treat your personal data in a manner that is as transparent as possible for the sole purpose of a specific, clear and legitimate purpose, only to the extent required and for the briefest period necessary to achieve the purpose, in a manner that is legitimate and fair in all respects. We pay great attention to ensuring that the data we process is accurate and up-to-date.

2. Scope of the data processed by us

a) server ‘logging’

When visiting the website of Ait Desks, the web server automatically logs the user’s activity. Without this, we would not be able to ensure the proper functioning of the website and we would not be able to prevent any external attacks, therefore this kind of data processing is based on the legitimate interest of Ait Desks. The log file is used for quality assurance; we do not link it with any other information as we do not intend to identify the user concerned.

• Stored data: IP address (anonymously), approximate geographic location, address of visited pages, date and time data

• Storage period: the data are erased after 30 days

b) Web analytics measurements

Google Analytics as an external service provider helps to independently measure the website hits and other web analytics data of the website. The data is recorded anonymously, Ait Desks uses them for statistical purposes only and to optimize the operation of the site. For detailed information about the processing of measurement data, please visit: Web analytics data collection for such statistical purposes is a widespread practice that you consent to by visiting our website.

c) Management of cookies

A cookie is a small data file that our server sends to your web browser in order to provide a customised and high-quality service. If you return to our website, your browser will send the cookie back to our server and make it possible to create a connection between individual sessions.

You may see two types of cookies on our website:

The use of session-id and use facilitating (temporary) cookies is required for the proper use of the site. Without this, the website or parts thereof will not be displayed, the consent to the management of cookies cannot be stored, browsing becomes obstructed and entry into the basket or the bank payment area cannot be properly executed. Therefore, by visiting this website, you acknowledge the use of these cookies.

Permanent cookies: Depending on how the web browser is set up, they will remain on the device for a long time or until they are deleted by the User. If the web server of Ait Desk installs the cookie and the data is transferred within its own database, then we are referring to an internal cookie. If the cookie is installed by the web server of Ait Desks or a third party service provider, but the data is transferred to an external service provider, then we are referring to an external cookie.

Based on the purpose of use we identify the following types:
Statistical cookies:

a. full Google Analytics measuring code cookie
b. measuring code suitable for measuring other web analytics (e.g. HotJar)
c. cookie of a heat map analytics tool (e.g. HotJar)
d. cookie of a device for recording mouse movement (e.g. HotJar)

Advertising cookies
• e. all cookies, remarketing codes, and pixels (e.g. Facebook, AdWords) placed by all external providers While visiting the website, you can consent to the use of permanent cookies by clicking on the ‘ACCEPT’ button on the pop-up message appearing on the home page of the site.

• Stored data: identification code, date, time, the page previously visited
• Storage period:

• temporary cookies that assist session use, until the session is closed,
• permanent cookies are usually stored for 1 year on your computer or until you delete them.

Please note that cookies can be deleted from your computer at any time or disabled in your browser. For more information about logging and cookie management from Google, Facebook, and Hotjar service providers for managing measurement data and personalising your ads, visit, or https://

d) Registration

Ait Desks makes every effort to ensure that you have the most diverse user experience possible when using our services, owing to our exceptionally customer-focused communication. Your registration on our website greatly assists us in all respects in providing you with the most appropriate and high quality service.

By registering on the website, you consent to the processing of your following personal data: e-mail address, password, name, title, gender, birth year, residence (country), postcode, individual needs (e.g. webcast notification). When using the site as a registered user, your activities may result in additional personal data being processed (e.g.: purchase history, special requirements, etc.). We use this data to provide the most efficient customer-focused communication and problem management service. If, during or after registration, you also consent to us directly contacting you for marketing purposes, it will allow us to send you up-to-date and personalised offers that meet your requirements at ever increasing levels, by using the above data.

You can access your personal data through your user account at any time and you may manage them freely. Your e-mail is the most authentic channel of communication, therefore its modification is only possible by sending a request to the e-mail address.

The data you provide will only be processed in the context of our activity until your consent is withdrawn unless, based on other legal ground, we are otherwise entitled to or are subject to performing data processing.


3. Rights of data subjects and method of their enforcement

Your letter in relation to the below requirements will be sent to the e-mail address.

You may request Ait Desks to inform you at any time regarding whether it is processing your personal data, and if so to provide access to the personal data processed by them. By accessing your user profile, you also have direct access to your personal data, but regardless of this, you may at any time request written information about the processing of your personal data. We wish to inform you that Ait Desks may consider any request for information sent by e-mail authentic only if it is sent from the user’s registered e-mail address, however this does not exclude the fact, that prior to providing the information Ait Desks may also identify the requestor in another way.

If you find that personal data processed relating to you are not realistic, you may request that your personal data processed by us is rectified. If you are a registered user, you may modify the data yourself through your user profile.

You may request the erasure of your personal data processed by us at any time. The erasure may be rejected (i) in relation to the exercising the right to the freedom of expressing an opinion and obtaining information, or (ii) when the law provides authorisation for the processing of Personal Data and (iii) for the presentation, enforcement or defence of legal claims. AIT Desks shall always inform the data subject of the rejection of the request for erasure specifying the reason for denying the erasure. Former (erased) data can no longer be recovered after the requests for erasure of personal data have been fulfilled.

You may request Ait Desks to restrict the processing of your personal data if you dispute the accuracy of the processed personal data. In that case the restriction related to the period during which we can verify the accuracy of the personal data. You may also request a restriction on data processing if the data processing is carried out unlawfully or its purpose has already been achieved, but you are opposed to erasing the processed personal data and instead request the restriction of their use.

Ait Desks is obliged to disclose and/or transfer to another controller the personal data supplied by you and processed by it in an automated manner in a segmented, widely used format, readable with a machine, upon your request.

You may at any time object to the processing of your personal data (i) if the processing of personal data is required only for performing a legal obligations of controllers (Ait Desks) or for the enforcement of a legitimate interest of the controller or a third party; (ii) where the purpose of data processing is direct business acquisition, a public opinion survey or scientific research; or (iii) if data processing takes place in order to fulfil a task in the public interest. Ait Desks examines the lawfulness of the objection and, if it establishes that the objection is well founded, it terminates the processing of data.


4. Data processors

Personal data processing on behalf of Ait Desks is carried out by data processors in a contractual relationship with us. The data processor cannot make an independent decision on the data and is entitled to proceed only according to the provisions of the contract concluded with Ait Desks and instructions received. Our data processors have been selected to ensure that your personal data is secured to the greatest possible extent during data processing. To comply with the applicable laws, we request all our data processing partners to provide a contractual statement, and only after doing so can they perform any data processing on behalf of the Ait Desks. You can view the current list of our data processors by clicking on this link.

5. Mobile Application

The AiT Smart Devices mobile application for iOS and Android devices (available from Apple App Store and Google Play) uses Bluetooth technology to connect and operate AiT products. The application collects and stores the following information to all devices where has been a successful connection: Bluetooth device ID, device name, PIN code, unit preference, last connection date. This data is not transmitted to anywhere, it is stored only locally on the device. The application might request access to location data on the mobile device from the user due to the usage of Bluetooth technology: while scanning for nearby AiT Smart Devices, 3rd party Bluetooth devices might collect information about the users device or location. The AiT Smart Devices mobile app and AiT products do not collect, store or transmit any kind of data regarding location.


6. Right enforcement options

If you would like more information please contact us by e-mail at, by AIT DESKS LLC 5237 Summerlin Commons BLVD, Suite 400, Fort Myers, 33907 Florida, U.S. or in person. We wish to inform you that, if you submit your request relating to data processing in person, our colleagues may ask you to verify your identity. With your data processing complaint you may turn directly to the Bureau of Consumer Protection of the Federal Trade Commission. address: 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20580 tel: (202) 326-2222 website: In the event of any infringement of their rights, the data subject may bring their case before the court. The case shall be heard by the competent general court. If so requested by the data subject, the case may be brought before the general court in whose jurisdiction the data subject’s home address or temporary residence is located. AIT Desks is entitled to unilaterally change this Privacy Policy at any time. If this entails changing the principles or the purpose of the data processing, it shall obtain the consent of the data subject in advance for further data processing.