The pinnacle of design, with a brilliant glass surface, streamlined appearance, enormous dimensions, and commanding elegance, it proves that smart can be stylish.

A product developed for executives that, beyond all its basic features, becomes part of everyday life of the decision-makers with its exclusive details. Premium materials, options for personalization with stunning design.


AiT Phantom1 is equipped with a unique hydraulic moving mechanism, its height can be adjusted using a smartphone application, making it suitable for working both seated and standing. Phantom1 also functions as a wireless charger: simply place your phone on the desk and the built-in wireless charger will automatically switch on. We are essentially talking about the Swiss Army knife of desks.


By working from a Phantom1 you can make sure that your health never comes second behind productivity. Choose a stylish piece of office furniture that takes care of your physical and mental wellbeing and brings out the best in you.


The built-in fitness and health module provides personalized exercises to help you keep fit without interrupting your workflow. The desk’s air quality sensor notifies you if the room’s air quality deteriorates and you need to open a window.